Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mom...What's YouTube?

I just wanted to post that I have put a video version of my last book, "Mom...What's a Chemtrail?" on YouTube.

You can find it here:

I used music from when I used to dink around on an old Roland keyboard I had for a while.

I am starting to think some people believe I wrote this intending it to be read by children.  I did not.  That would be sad and scary.

Friday, January 13, 2012

More of a Peek Inside

I've decided to put out some more images of the poor children hearing terrible things from their mothers.

I have realized in recent conversations that I have had that I might need to emphasize that this book is a parody.  It is not meant for children.  I think it's understandable to assume that it would be since my last book was a children's picture book, but this book is meant for adults.

This book is meant for a laugh.  It has no purpose other than that. 

Anyhoo, here are some more pages.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Peek Inside

Since my picture book has a title such as Mom...What's a Chemtrail?, I figured it might be a good idea to let people see a bit more of what's going on inside.  I can't be sure that many people know what a chemtrail is, let alone the fact that if they do...would they really have interest in a picture book that has them in it?

Let's be honest.  Conspiracy theories just scream "Picture book!".

Anyway...below I've posted the first few pages for your consumption.  This will give you a good idea to the gist of the book.  Enjoy!