Friday, January 13, 2012

More of a Peek Inside

I've decided to put out some more images of the poor children hearing terrible things from their mothers.

I have realized in recent conversations that I have had that I might need to emphasize that this book is a parody.  It is not meant for children.  I think it's understandable to assume that it would be since my last book was a children's picture book, but this book is meant for adults.

This book is meant for a laugh.  It has no purpose other than that. 

Anyhoo, here are some more pages.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Peek Inside

Since my picture book has a title such as Mom...What's a Chemtrail?, I figured it might be a good idea to let people see a bit more of what's going on inside.  I can't be sure that many people know what a chemtrail is, let alone the fact that if they do...would they really have interest in a picture book that has them in it?

Let's be honest.  Conspiracy theories just scream "Picture book!".

Anyway...below I've posted the first few pages for your consumption.  This will give you a good idea to the gist of the book.  Enjoy!



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mom...What's a Chemtrail?

I wanted to give a little history on how my latest book "Mom...What's a Chemtrail?" came to be.

Every Christmas, my side of the family pick names out of a hat, and whomever you choose, you have to make a present for, and the limit of money to use is around $15.

This last year, I chose my Mom's name.  Since I had finished my other children's book, "Never Catch a Netherpott" (shameless plug), I thought it would be fun to do something along the lines of another book.

What first popped into my head was the title.  "Mom...What's a Chemtrail?"  My Mom got into a bit of a habit of listening to the radio show "Art Bell" when she would wait up until my brother and I got home late at night while we still lived at home.  If you aren't familiar with Art Bell, his show focuses on conspiracy theories, aliens, supernatural phenomenon and other things of that sort.  So, over time, my Mom would bring some of the subjects up in conversation, and now it's become somewhat common place that some of our conversations still veer into this subject matter.  It makes for fun conversation, though frankly, some of it is kinda terrifying.

So, I thought it would be pretty funny to put these subjects into a picture book.  And based on my Mom's reaction when she opened it...well, I couldn't have asked for better.  I figured I'd put it out for sale in hopes to get many others to have the same reaction.  I hope they think it's funny too.